EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 34, Number 1, 2011

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Insights and Opinions

An Average Day with Mobile Technology

By Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson

Mobile Teaching Versus Mobile Learning

By Rochelle Rodrigo

Augmented Reality and Geotagging in Japan

By Ryan Burke and Todd Bryant

Mixable: A Mobile and Connected Learning Environment

By Kyle Bowen

Using Google Forms for Student Engagement and Learning

By Dong-gook (DK) Kim

Supporting Students' Connectedness via Texting

By Dominic Mentor

Going Mobile with a Web-Based Strategy

By Rosemary A. Rocchio

Creating a Mobile Community of App Developers

By Cassandra Carson

Loyola University Chicago: There's an App for That

By Susan Malisch and Bruce Montes

Digital Texts and the Future of Education: Why Books?

By Michael Mayrath, Priya Nihalani, and Scott Perkins

Mobile Global Health

By Faina Linkov, Eric Marler, Bill French, Meredith Hennon, Kyle Freese, Francois Sauer, Eugene Shubnikov, and Ronald LaPorte
Featured Articles

Student Information Literacy in the Mobile Environment

By Kristen Yarmey

Twitter, Wordle, and ChimeIn as Student Response Pedagogies

By Jude Higdon, Kathryn Reyerson, Colin McFadden, and Kevin Mummey

The Educational Potential of Mobile Computing in the Field

By Meg Stewart, Jeffrey Clark, Jeremy Donald, and Keri VanCamp

Virtualizing Specialized Software

By Lauren T. McSwain-Starrett and Stephanie Scheer Conley
The Future of Higher Education
Alternate IT Sourcing
Mobile Ramblings
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