• A Dx Roadmap for Leading the New Hybrid IT Workforce

    The temporary shift to a remote IT workforce has evolved into permanent hybrid teams for many colleges and universities. Leaders can become more effective in this new normal by leveraging the EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation (Dx) framework as a roadmap to transform their leadership approach and make the most of this new way of working.

  • Leadership for Digital Transformation

    • Muddassir Siddiqi
    • February 21, 2022
    • Editors' Pick

    Digital transformation is an organizational change process that demands a unique vision, perspective, and set of leadership skills.

  • Advancing Your Career without Leaving Your Institution

    Higher education IT professionals can successfully advance their careers without moving to another college or university. The author shares the lessons he learned during his thirty-three-year journey from IT student employee to CIO at the same higher education institution. These tips are helpful regardless of whether someone chooses to stay at one location or move around.

  • The Top 3 IT Issues Transforming Higher Education

    • Jeremy Anderson, Tiffni Deeb, John Murphy, Michelle Rakoczy, Shana Sumpter, and Gina White
    • December 3, 2021

    The EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues list was recently published. We asked several of the panelists to talk about how the top three issues on the list might transform higher education.

  • Top 10 IT Issues, 2022: The Higher Education We Deserve

    • Susan Grajek and the 2021–2022 EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel
    • November 1, 2021

    The EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues take an optimistic view of how technology can help make the higher education we deserve—through a shared transformational vision and strategy for the institution, a recognition of the need to place students’ success at the center, and a sustainable business model that has redefined "the campus."

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