Security Awareness Made Simple: 2019 Security Awareness Campaign Materials

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The 2019 Security Awareness Campaign is ready just in time for the new year. Here's our helpful guide for using the twelve most recent security awareness blogs as you prepare your campus's year-round awareness plan.

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EDUCAUSE supports security and privacy awareness in higher education with the Year-Round Campus Security Awareness Campaign, a framework that assists information security professionals and IT communicators with their security awareness plans. The campaign includes twelve EDUCAUSE Review Security Matters blog posts on monthly topics that include ready-made web and social media content. Developed by higher education security awareness professionals, the campaign materials make it easy for IT organizations, information security departments, and awareness professionals to promote security and privacy best practices in campus communications.

How to Use the Campaign Materials

You can create a steady stream of privacy and security awareness information for students, faculty, and staff using the ready-made content provided. Adapt the content to make it work with your current plans and campus needs—promote each suggested topic monthly, or mix and match the topics to create a 90-day awareness plan that promotes a group of topics quarterly.

Each blog is written with end users in mind, so you can quickly and easily adapt content for your campus awareness program, whether it's using the prewritten content for a blog, newsletter, or website or sharing suggested resources as tweets or posts on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Additional resources, including infographics, videos, and external references, are also provided.

2019 Security Awareness Blog Posts

  1. January 2019: Data Privacy in an Era of Compliance
  2. February 2019: How to Use Social Media for Good—Safely Creating a Positive Presence Online
  3. March 2019: Take Control of Your Personal Info to Help Prevent Identity Theft
  4. April 2019: Whaling, SMiShing, and Vishing…Oh My!
  5. May 2019: 2FA—Control in the Palm of Your Hand
  6. June 2019: Cryptocurrencies—Look Before You Leap!
  7. July 2019: Keeping Tabs on Mobile Devices
  8. August 2019: Understanding the Basics of Online Safety and Security
  9. September 2019: Information Security To Go!
  10. October 2019: The IT Team Can't Do It Alone—Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Responsibility
  11. November 2019: How Can Higher Ed Better Prepare Cybersecurity Students for a Hot Job Market?
  12. December 2019: Get Smart! Mitigating Risks in Connected Devices

Complementary Resources

The campaign materials provide plenty of content on a variety of topics. However, if you're looking for additional resources or inspiration as you plan for Data Privacy Day (DPD), National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) or your annual security awareness campaign, consider these additional resources developed by HEISC volunteers.

Campus Approaches to Security Awareness

Curious to see how other campuses are crafting their awareness campaigns? Read these guest blogs with helpful tips.

Valerie M. Vogel is Interim Director of the Cybersecurity Program at EDUCAUSE.

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