EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 33, Number 4, 2010

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A Special Issue on The Future of Higher Education ...

Insights and Opinions

Intelligent Counseling System: A 24 x 7 Academic Advisor

By Chun Ming Leung, Eva Y. M. Tsang, S. S. Lam, and Dominic C. W. Pang

Using E-Portfolios to Support an Undergraduate Learning Career: An Experiment with Academic Advising

By Helen L. Chen and Thomas C. Black

Defeating the Kobayashi Maru: Supporting Student Retention by Balancing the Needs of the Many and the One

By Joanna C. Dunlap and Patrick R. Lowenthal

Sustaining Students: Retention Strategies in an Online Program

By Emily Boles, Barbara Cass, Carrie Levin, Ray Schroeder, and Shari Smith

Using Technology to Impact Student Retention at Montgomery County Community College

By Celeste Schwartz, Mary Lou Barron, and Alana J. Mauger

Visualizing Math: How Intelligent Tutoring Technology Can Help Math-Challenged Students

By Michael Wolf

Defining IT's Role in Mission-Critical Retention Initiatives

By Tim Coley

The Case for Nudge Analytics

By Colleen Carmean and Philip Mizzi

How the ICCOC Uses Analytics to Increase Student Success

By Matt Leavy and Steve Rheinschmidt

Hands-On Practice Helps Students Master IT Skills and Succeed

By William Wittman

Video Demo of UMBC's "Check My Activity" Tool for Students

By John Fritz

Increasing Corporate Philanthropy to Enrich Technology Innovation in Higher Education

By Meg E. Stewart

Teaching and Learning in Review: Insights from the EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Conference

By Veronica Diaz
Featured Articles

A Virtual Graduation Ceremony for Online Distance Students

By Lorri Mon

An Instructional Design Approach to Updating an Online Course Curriculum

By Shalin Hai-Jew

GPS: Shaping Student Success One Conversation at a Time

By Mikhael Star and Lanita Collette

Enhancing Student Learning and Retention with Blended Learning Class Guides

By Katie E. Amaral and John D. Shank

Clickers and CATs: Using Learner Response Systems for Formative Assessments in the Classroom

By Charlotte L. Briggs & Deborah Keyek-Franssen

Social Networking Tools to Facilitate Cross-Program Collaboration

By Paul Wallace and Barbara Howard
The Future of Higher Education
Student Engagement
Cloud Computing
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