• Rethinking Governance in a Centralized IT Organization

    IT centralized across a system makes IT governance critical, as decisions can have far-reaching impact. The Colorado Community College System recently redesigned its centralized IT governance to create more open, transparent project review and approval processes that include and benefit from stakeholders at all system levels.

  • 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality in Animal Science

    • Hunter Guru, Steven Jones, and Ashu Guru
    • October 9, 2017

    Animal science educators have trouble obtaining and maintaining meat carcasses for their meat science classes. In response, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is developing an open repository of three-dimensional virtual animal carcass simulations to provide immersive learning environments for distance, online, and face-to-face students.

  • Today's Comprehensive Record: An Evolutionary Case Study

    Registrars possess a unique perspective of the intersection between curricular and co-curricular learning. They are well-positioned to help expedite the implementation of new credentials, their complementary technologies, and data mining techniques. Elon University's Visual EXP provides an example.

  • Training to Improve University Computing Services

    Common training challenges related to computing support services include effectively training new employees, providing continuous training to existing employees, and upgrading employees' knowledge and skills as the institution adopts new technologies and procedures.

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