The FAQ of Dx [infographic]

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Digital transformation is a topic of considerable interest and many questions. Understanding the who, what, when, where, why, and how can help colleges and universities plan and navigate their Dx journey.

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Credit: Kate Roesh © 2020

Digital transformation (Dx) is a series of deep and coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution's business model, strategic directions, and value proposition. Dx can make institutions more resilient, flexible, and relevant as they face an array of increasingly difficult challenges that include declining student enrollment, increased public skepticism, and skyrocketing student debt. But do key stakeholders understand and support Dx? What are the drivers of Dx? When will Dx happen? Where on the road to Dx are institutions currently? Why are we doing Dx? And, how are we going to get there? Answers to these questions can be found here, in our FAQ of Dx!

This infographic is part of the suite of EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation (Dx) research products and is based on the responses of 181 IT leaders in the EDUCAUSE database. Respondents were from 37 US states and 13 countries outside the United States; 151 institutions of higher education were represented. Non-US respondents made up 16% of the sample. Data collection took place in August and September 2019. There was a response rate of 1.3%.

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Kate Roesch is Data Visualization Specialist at EDUCAUSE.

D. Christopher Brooks is Director of Research at EDUCAUSE.

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