EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 33, Number 3, 2010

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A Special Issue on The Future of Higher Education ...

Featured Articles

Reflections on Play, Pedagogy, and World of Warcraft

By Landon K. Pirius and Gill Creel

Hotseat: Opening the Backchannel in Large Lectures

By Hans Aagard, Kyle Bowen, and Larisa Olesova

Death to the Digital Dropbox: Rethinking Student Privacy and Public Performance

By Patrick R. Lowenthal and David Thomas

The Media Scholarship Project: Strategic Thinking about Media and Multimodal Assignments in the Liberal Arts

By Christopher Watts, Janet Thomas Simons, and David Baird

Interdependent Catalysts for Transforming Learning Environments ... and the Faculty Who Teach in Them

By Catherine Solheim, Bernadette Longo, Bradley A. Cohen, and Amy Garrett Dikkers

Making the Case for Space: Three Years of Empirical Research on Learning Environments

By Aimee L. Whiteside, D. Christopher Brooks, and J. D. Walker

A Comparison of Student and Faculty Academic Technology Use Across Disciplines

By Kevin R. Guidry and Allison BrckaLorenz

A Glance at Institutional Support for Faculty Teaching in an Online Learning Environment

By Robert W. Lion and Gary Stark

Building Research Cyberinfrastructure at Small/Medium Research Institutions

By Anne Agee, Theresa Rowe, Melissa Woo, and David Woods
Insights and Opinions

Mobile Learning Environments

By David J. Gagnon

Teaching America's First Course on Mobile Phone Learning

By Dominic Mentor and Nabeel Ahmad

The 10 Biggest Myths About Synchronous Online Teaching

By Roseanna DeMaria and Ted Bongiovanni

Imagining All of Campus as a Learning Environment

By Cara Lane

Teaching and Learning with E-Readers: A Case Study at CLU

By Joan Wines and Julius Bianchi

Effects of Reading Styles on Using Technology in a Traditional Learning Environment When Teaching a Foreign Language

By Maha Itma

Faculty Collaboration at a Distance: Using Online Peer Review to Improve Course Design

By Nancy J. Matchett and Carrie Main

Transforming Teaching in High-Tech, Collaborative Learning Environments with Critical Reflection

By Aimee L. Whiteside and Amy Garrett Dikkers

Engaging the Doctoral Learning Community with Videoconferencing

By Constance M. Beutel and Arlene Sacks

Wikify Your Course: Designing and Implementing a Wiki for Your Learning Environment

By Marybeth Green and Gerri Maxwell

Supercourse, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the Educator as Catalyst

By Francois Sauer, Susan Bennett, Mihwa Cha, Faina Linkov, Ronald LaPorte

Helping Secure the Internet with DNSSEC

By Allie Hopkins and John C. Borne

From War to Trust: IT in the New Normal

By Sue Workman and Jan Holloway
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