EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 32, Number 1, 2009

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A special Issue On Learning Spaces Science Learning Center, University of Queensland Featured Articles

Modeling Spaces

Using the PAIR-up Model to Evaluate Active Learning Spaces

by Aimee L. Whiteside, Linda Jorn, Ann Hill Duin, and Steve Fitzgerald

A Case Study in Master Planning the Learning Landscape Hub Concepts for the University at Buffalo

by Shirley Dugdale, Roger Torino, and Elliot Felix

Challenges in Technology Implementation for Learning Spaces in Higher Education

by Bryan Lewis and Gerald Starsia

Creating Learning Spaces Through Collaboration: How One Library Refined Its Approach

by Robert Fox and Crit Stuart

Emerging Spaces

Virtual World Learning Spaces: Developing a Second Life Operating Room Simulation

by Stephanie Gerald and David M. Antonacci

“Where Do You Learn?”: Tweeting to Inform Learning Space Development

by Elizabeth J. Aspden and Louise P. Thorpe

ASU Decision Theater

by Angelo Fernando and Ricardo Leon

Spaces Redefined

Learning Spaces: A Tutorial

by Larry MacPhee

Collaborating with Users to Design Learning Spaces: Playing Nicely in the Sandbox

by Barbara Weaver

Learning Spaces as a Strategic Priority

By Gene George, Tom Erwin, and Briony Barnes

Collaborative Learning Spaces at Missouri University of Science and Technology

by Angie Hammons and Lauren Brady Oswald

Uses of Labs and Learning Spaces

by Clare van den Blink

Aligning Learning Space Design and Student Work: Research Implications for Design Processes and Elements

by Andrea Lisa Nixon

Best Practices in Learning Space Design: Engaging Users

by Phyllis T. H. Grummon
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The Revolution No One Noticed: Mobile Phones and Multimobile Services in Higher Education

Guidelines for Making Web Content Accessible to All Users

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Online Learning Spaces: Beyond the Text

Adult Learners: How IT Can Support “New” Students


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