Serving the Community: EQ Online

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EQ has long provided a forum for “uncommon thinking for the common good.” With this issue, EQ becomes an online-only magazine that we hope meets your needs for timely, practical information on the applied uses of IT — better than ever. This first online issue of EQ aligns with the March/April EDUCAUSE Review theme of learning spaces. You will find further resources on learning spaces in the EDUCAUSE Now podcasts, our blogs, and conference material.

As always, we look forward to your input. Let us know if there are ways in which we can improve EQ to enhance its value to you, as IT professionals, providing you with the knowledge and information you need to succeed.

Focusing on Key Issues

As EQ matures in its online format, the magazine’s content will align with the strategic directions of EDUCAUSE:

  • Teaching and Learning: Using information technology to improve access to teaching and learning, learning effectiveness, student success, and learning outcomes
  • Managing the Enterprise: Helping EDUCAUSE members ensure that their institutions are managed efficiently and effectively and that information technology supports institutional priorities
  • E-Research and E-Scholarship: Developing techniques for using information technology to speed research, discovery, and innovation, as well as to enable collaborative intelligence and virtual organizations
  • Evolving Role of IT and Leadership: Exploring and monitoring changes in information technology and their relation to corresponding shifts in the expectations and responsibilities of IT professionals and leaders in higher education

It will also embody the characteristics you said were important:

  • Experimentation with new ideas and techniques
  • Engagement with members, the higher education community, and challenging ideas
  • Positive force for change bringing the community together for information, dialog, and action

Four regular departments cover topics of vital interest to the community:

  • Framing Questions by Lanny Arvan
  • Sustainability by Wendell Brase and Mark Askren
  • Openness by Colin Currie
  • Career Counselor by Cynthia Golden and the EDUCAUSE Professional Development Advisory Committee

Taking EQ Online

Many people participated in the discussions about taking EQ online. We particularly appreciate the contributions of the EQ Editorial Committee, who provided thoughtful advice on goals and methods, and the EQ reviewers, who make sure submissions meet the magazine’s standards for quality and practicality.

Two EQ reviewers, Cynthia Gautreau of California State University, Fullerton, and Cynthia Humes of Claremont McKenna College, volunteered to share the review committee’s expectations and hopes for EQ online. They framed their ideas within the theme of online learning spaces, and we thank them for communicating our goals. Read their article in this issue.

Diana G. Oblinger ([email protected]) is President and CEO of EDUCAUSE.