Corporate Conversations: Cisco on Supporting Student Success

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When Cisco thinks about student success, they think about driving a digital inclusive future for all.

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Neal Tilley
Business Development Manager

Neal Tilley: When we think about student success we think about our mission, which is to drive a digital inclusive future for all. And to do that we have to look at the outcomes and student success is the ultimate outcome. And if we can help increase those student success whether that be in terms of completing courses, in terms of their whole experience while at the university, the role the digital infrastructure plays now is so intrinsic to their experience. In fact, their physical experience and their digital experience will really come together. Ever since the pandemic we've experienced this, everybody's experienced it, from working from home from teaching or learning from home or being more mobile and of course using more digital devices and digital applications in the everyday way that we teach and learn. Yes, in-person education is still the number one way to touch all types of learners. But we have this new augmented and digital environment to maximize and to do that we need to have obviously a quality environment whether that be mobile or whether that be the access like wireless. We also get an extremely powerful amount of intelligence from the digital experience, stuff that you wouldn't get from that physicality, giving personal experiences. We can do that now with digital technology and analytics. So correlating that with the student information that we get. Looking at things like attendance, quality of the schedule or the building space utilization or even looking at environmentals, looking at lighting, looking at air quality. These all impact student experience. And of course, if a student experience is bad then nine times out of 10, that's gonna create a bad, it is gonna mean that they're not gonna be successful. And of course, when they're not successful then retention goes down. And that's really, really key as we go forward into the next three to five years for any university. So when we say we wanna power a digital inclusive future for all, it's very very intrinsic to student success in the future. And it's probably one of the mainstays of Cisco's digital education strategy.