By the Numbers: Women in Higher Education IT

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The United States observed Equal Pay Day April 4 this year, marking the day when the average salary for women caught up to the average salary for men in the previous year.

On the heels of Equal Pay Day and Women’s History Month (March), we take the opportunity to recognize the contributions of women to their professions. Reflecting on ECAR’s 2016 workforce study’s look into diversity, and our own organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we created a video to highlight a few relevant findings from our research about women in the higher education IT workforce. In general, men still outnumber and outearn women; only a few fields within the profession approach gender parity. Indeed, the gap in gender representation increases the higher up the leadership hierarchy one goes.

To join the discussion about women in the higher ed IT workforce, get involved with the EDUCAUSE Women in IT Constituent Group.


Thanks to Jeffrey Pomerantz and Ben Shulman for their contributions to this post.

Kate Roesch is a data visualization specialist for the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research.

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