Privacy Year-Round

January 28 is Data Privacy Day. Throughout the months of January and February, the EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Initiative will highlight higher education privacy issues. To learn more, visit StaySafeOnline.

It’s mid-February, a time when winter starts to feel a bit too long and spring just a bit too far away. Even though the days feel long, our month-long focus on privacy awareness seems to have flown by much too quickly. As we close out the month, we reflect on what we have learned:

Even though we have explored many privacy issues, the importance of privacy awareness doesn’t end with the flipping of a calendar page. Indeed, regular attention to privacy awareness topics is needed in our always-on higher education environment. There are many things you can do to promote privacy awareness on your campus year-round. For instance, check out the HEISC Awareness and Training Working Group 2017 Campus Security Awareness Campaign. Don’t let the name deceive you. This resource features several months' worth of privacy-related topics and includes ready-made content for your campus communication channels:

Don’t forget to continue to share your higher education privacy knowledge and privacy tips. Join the EDUCAUSE privacy discussion group, follow @HEISCouncil on Twitter, and tweet your privacy tips using #PrivacyAware.

Joanna L. Grama is director of cybersecurity and IT GRC programs for EDUCAUSE.

Valerie M. Vogel is senior manager of the cybersecurity program for EDUCAUSE

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