EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 49, Number 5, September/October 2014

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EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition

Volume 49, Number 5
September/October 2014




Designed to Engage

In a world that is both online and face-to-face, engagement is not an either-or proposition—it is about how to blend the best of both worlds to engage stakeholders. Many institutions begin by creating a digital presence, then move to digital engagement.


Setting the Stage for Digital Engagement: A Five-Step Approach

The practical, pedagogical, and privacy implications of a smart, connected digital campus engaged with its constituents have yet to play out. To handle whatever comes next, colleges and universities must be well positioned today, with effective strategies in place.


Using Technology to Engage the Nontraditional Student

Higher education needs to focus on the success of nontraditional students, those who fail to graduate during their first engagement in college, by leveraging new technology solutions that better align with students' life challenges, pace, and other unique characteristics.


Higher Education in 2024: Glimpsing the Future

A conversation about possible futures and multiple present trends could help those of us involved in higher education and technology to think more clearly about how what comes next emerges from what is now.




E-Content: All Things Digital

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