EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition, Volume 47, Number 6, November/December 2012

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EDUCAUSE Review: Print Edition

Volume 47, Number 6
November/December 2012




Business Model Innovation: A Blueprint for Higher Education

If we are to design a student experience for a 21st-century educational system in which all students can succeed—regardless of learning style or life circumstance—then we must bring their experience to life through business model innovation.


Service Blueprinting: Transforming the Student Experience

The use of service design techniques such as service blueprinting supports a service-oriented view of higher education and aids in innovating and transforming the student experience.


Ten Reasons Service Science Matters to Universities

Service science, the emerging study of service in society, can provide a perspective on the forces reshaping higher education today and can enable universities to compete on the global stage.


The Marketecture of Community

IT leaders must examine the lessons learned from the last decade of network-enabled communities and must boldly envision how to best innovate solutions to the shared challenges that lie ahead.


Online Educational Delivery Models: A Descriptive View

A descriptive view of the emerging landscape of online educational delivery models can lead to a richer understanding for the continuing discussion of issues such as access, affordability, and personalized learning in higher education.