EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 45, Number 1, January/February 2010

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Innovation: Rethinking the Future of Higher Education


Cover Feature Article
Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
If colleges and universities open up and embrace collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge production, they have a chance of surviving and even thriving in the networked, global economy of the future.
Brenda Gourley
Lessons from history lead to questions for the future of higher education: is innovation being embraced quickly enough, have we reached a scale necessary to the task, can technology help, can we bring more hands to the wheel, and are we managing and leading in appropriate ways?
Diana G. Oblinger
Although the purpose of higher education has not changed in centuries, information technology—with its drive for innovation and entrepreneurism—has increased the options for widening that purpose from the campus of today to the future of society worldwide.
Web Bonus
Waste Not the Learning Productivity Crisis: Transforming Educational Opportunity into Educational Assurance
William H. Graves
The time is right for higher education to pursue “best for the world” strategies enabled by the strategic use of information technology to improve learning productivity by serving more students more effectively while simultaneously creating a privately and publicly affordable, stable financial model for learning—securing education’s future as an affordable first?priority imperative for students, families, donors, employers, and governments.


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Diana G. Oblinger
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Linda M. Thor and Edward C. Kelty
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Andrew Colgoni and Carolyn Eyles
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Tracey Futhey, Rick Luce, and Joel Smith
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Susan E. Metros
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Kent Wada
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