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Core Data Service Report

The latest Core Data Service report on campus IT environments summarizes data collected for fiscal year 2008 from just over 900 institutions that participated in this year's core data survey.

The Evolving Role of the CIO

EDUCAUSE interviewed 14 higher education CIOs to understand how new developments in cloud computing, mobile learning, and consumer IT services, among others, are influencing the CIO role. Key themes, issues, and recommendations are compiled in The Evolution of the CIO.

EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference Resources

Proceedings from EDUCAUSE 2009 and EDUCAUSE 2009 Online are now available and include PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, session recordings, and more.

EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research

  • The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2009, by Shannon D. Smith, Gail Salaway, and Judith Borreson Caruso, with an introduction by Richard N. Katz, includes a special focus on student ownership and use of Internet-capable handheld devices.
  • Institutional Data Management in Higher Education examines the policies and practices by which higher education institutions effectively collect, protect, and use digital information assets to meet academic and business needs.

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

EDUCAUSE Now Podcasts