EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 31, Number 2, 2008

Toolbox or Trap? Course Management Systems and Pedagogy
The default design of commercial course management systems limits instructional creativity and pedagogical approaches, particularly for novice users
By Lisa M. Lane
Are Your IT Staff Working Too Hard?
Tackling the problems behind excessive overtime prevents legal problems, staff turnover, and user dissatisfaction with the IT department’s customer service
By Alan Oxley
Making a Smart Campus in Saudi Arabia
A smart campus depends on an overarching strategy involving people, facilities, and ongoing faculty support as well as effective use of technology
By Eltayeb Salih Abuelyaman
Current Issues Survey Report, 2008
Security and ERP Systems are numbers 1 and 2; Infrastructure rises; Change Management, E-Learning, and Staffing move into top ten
By Debra H. Allison, Peter B. DeBlois, and the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
Open Source Software in Education
Academia has adopted open source software for some online learning initiatives because it addresses persistent technical challenges
By Shaheen E. Lakhan and Kavita Jhunjhunwala
The Space Is the Message: First Assessment of a Learning Studio
A new studio classroom inspired excitement and motivated productive feedback from early faculty and student users
By Jim S. C. Tom, Kenneth Voss, and Christopher Scheetz
Interactivity in Library Presentations Using a Personal Response System
Clickers used by students during a library research skills presentation improved their interaction during and perception of the session
By Evelyne Corcos and Vivienne Monty
In Plain English, Please: Effective IT Communications
Using established practices for good communication eliminates the missteps that hamper the effectiveness of IT messages to the campus community
By Lisa Trubitt and Mur Muchane
Developing an E-Learning Strategy for Public Universities in Ghana
Introducing pedagogy-supporting technology in higher education in Ghana requires rethinking institutional policies and lining up stakeholder support
By Isaiah T. Awidi
A Policy-Based Approach to Technology Systems
Appropriate policies and protocols can convert the often adversarial department-IT relationship into a partnership of shared goals
By Robert M. Kuhn, Kimberly H. Brookes, and Nephellie Bellos
Applying a Metrics Report Card
Evaluating the IT department from the customers’ point of view determines strengths and weaknesses in IT performance
By Martin Klubeck and Michael Langthorne
Creating a Five-Minute Conversation About Cyberinfrastructure
Thoughtful consideration of the issues relevant to cyberinfrastructure in higher education will help you pull out key points to discuss with specific audiences
By Klara Jelinkova, Terezsa Carvalho, Dorette Kerian, Boyd Knosp, Kent Percival, and Stan Yagi
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