EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 42, Number 1, January/February 2007

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  • Andrew J. Milne
    With directed effort, some ingenuity, and a future-focused vision, colleges and universities should be able to identify and leverage existing technologies with which to build aspects of "future" campus learning spaces?today.
  • Howard Strauss
    In this article, first published in 1999, the author looked to past trends in hardware, software, networking, and education, presciently extrapolated where these trends were going and what their broad implications might be for higher education, and predicted some still-to-be-realized models for the future.
  • Brad Wheeler
    Has the vision proffered for "Open Source 2007" been realized? Will 2010 mark continued progress in the collaborative development of applications software?perhaps one of the most potent tools for addressing the challenging trends confronting IT in higher education?


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