EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 29, Number 1, 2006

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Volume 29   Number 1  2006
Policy and Legal Implications of Spyware and Data Privacy
Federal and state laws and university policies argue for taking a very close look at spyware and researchware as possible threats to data privacy
By Andrea Nixon
Do You Know Where Your Data Are?
A useful new tool in the information security kit—outbound content monitoring and filtering—can help prevent sensitive data loss
By Cedric Bennett
What Should You Do?
Technology managers must determine their ultimate career goals before deciding whether to pursue technical certifications or higher education degrees
By Wayne A. Brown
Electronic Portfolios for Whom?
The literature doesn't discuss e-portfolio use to meet student needs and concerns but to support administrative efforts to solve long-term curricular issues
By Javier I. Ayala
Effective Management of Information Security and Privacy
Security and privacy are not IT issues—they demand a comprehensive, strategic, team approach to find effective solutions
By Alicia Anderson
E-Learning — A Financial and Strategic Perspective
Institutions can consider different options in shaping a long-term strategy for achieving acceptable financial returns from e-learning
By Stephen R. Ruth
Uniting Technology and Pedagogy: The Evolution of an Online Teaching Certification Course
Going online with a certification course for online teaching solved training and delivery problems on and off campus
By Bonnie Riedinger and Paul Rosenberg
Implementing Wireless PDA Technology in the IT Curriculum
Requiring students in an introductory course to use PDAs taught the IT department how to implement them in the curriculum
By David R. Rawlinson and Kimberlee Bartel
CIO Effectiveness in Higher Education
A research study identified several variables and multiple attributes that influence the higher education CIO's effectiveness
By Wayne A. Brown
Professional Development for IT Leaders
The aging of the current generation of IT leaders adds urgency to the professional development of future IT leaders from among the next generation
By Linda A. Cabot
MISESS: Web-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Guidance
The Management Information Systems Electronic Support System (MISESS) gives teachers and students access to courses, related content, and exams on the Web
By Zuhal Tanrıkulu
Cutting Through the Clutter: What Makes an Intranet Successful?
Eleven years of portal development at the Wharton School yields successful strategies for enterprise information management
By Kendall Whitehouse
Library Services for a Digital Future
Libraries' large data collections and varied digital assets demand tools and facilities for easy user access, data analysis, and storage
By Duncan M. Aldrich and Greggory Stefanelli
Laptop Use in University Common Spaces
A survey of laptop use in common spaces at the University of Texas at Austin revealed students creating anywhere, any time learning environments
By Bill Wolff