EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 29, Number 4, 2006

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Volume 29   Number 4  2006
Disconnects Between Library Culture and Millennial Generation Values
Libraries must consider changes in both policy and technology to remain relevant to the next generation of students
By Robert H. McDonald and Chuck Thomas
Minorities and Online Higher Education
Online education offers a color-blind environment to engage students from all backgrounds in mentored learning
By K. Brock Enger
Making a Difference?
Instructional technologists must challenge assumptions about their own goals and roles to promote a broader context for instructional improvement
By Robert G. Henshaw
Get Connected: An Approach to ResNet Services
Indiana University explains what to do when 13,000 unknown computers connect to your network in three days
By Sue Workman, Melody Childs, Jim Causey, Brent Moberly, and Christine Fitzpatrick
The Future of Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: The Survey Says...
A survey substantiates some ideas about online learning and refutes others
By Kyong-Jee Kim and Curtis J. Bonk
Effective Live Online Faculty Development Workshops: One Model
Online Workshops accommodate distant participants and also encourage local experimentation
By Russell D. Blyth, Michael K. May, and Julianne G. Rainbolt
E-Conferencing for Instruction: What Works?
A study of e-conferencing tools found relationships between specific tools and certain pedagogical principles
By Shufang Shi and Blaine Victor Morrow
Mentoring: A Learning Collaboration
A review of current thinking on mentoring reveals a shift in responsibility to mentees to determine their developmental needs
By Marilu Goodyear
Learning the Hard Way
The realities of 9/11 prompted strategic improvements in Mason's emergency response
By Joy R. Hughes and Keith R. Bushey
IT and Educational Technology: What's Pedagogy Got to Do with It?
How IT staff can have an increasing role in teaching faculty about the pedagogy of technology
By Shelly McCauley Jugovich and Bruce Reeves
The Embedded Librarian Program
Faculty and librarians partner to embed personalized library assistance into online courses
By Victoria Matthew and Ann Schroeder
Online Distance Learning: An Idea for the Times
A consortium approach extends the benefits of online programs to schools that might otherwise be left out
By Tom Kennedy
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