EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 27, Number 1, 2004

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Volume 27   Number 1  2004
Scale the Solution to the Problem
Campuses need to move proactively to meet growing information security demands
By Cedric Bennett
Disposable Scholarship?
If digital materials are a critical success factor for higher education, institutions need to act now to ensure long-term access to their digital scholarship
By Fredrick Miller
IT Investment Decisions That Defy Arithmetic
An effective executive engagement process helps senior campus management systematically maximize value of IT investments
By Bob Weir
Management by Fact:
Benchmarking University IT Services
A cross-institutional effort resulted in cultural and practical changes in IT management
By Jennifer Dowling Dougherty, William Clebsch, and Greg Anderson
Classroom Teaching Changes in Web-Enhanced Courses:
A Multi-Institutional Study
This study assessed the kinds of changes that occur in face-to-face instruction when faculty add Web enhancements to their courses
By Robin G. Wingard
Managing Faculty Data at the University of Tennessee:
The SEDONA Project
Outsourcing a Web-enabled faculty database provided both management tools and data to support accreditation
By Jon B. Woodroof and DeWayne L. Searcy
Professional Development in Tough Financial Times
Tight budgets do not mean giving up professional development opportunities, although they do demand some creativity
By Paul B. Gandel and Cynthia Golden
Gaining the President's Support for IT Initiatives at Small Colleges
Presidential support is imperative–now how are you going to get it?
By Laurence W. Mazzeno
Autonomously Organized and Funded IT Groups
A look at several peer universities helped solidify ideas for organizational and funding changes to support academic research at Rice University
By Bruce Nichol
Academic Computing Vulnerabilities:
Another View of the Roof
A faculty-driven audit offers a complementary perspective on network disaster planning
By Ellen R. Cohn, George Klinzing, Irene Hanson Frieze, Susan M. Sereika, Clement A. Stone, and Clara M. Vana
Constructing Experiential Learning for Online Courses:
The Birth of E-Service
A lack of service-learning programs for online courses prompted the creation of e-service to provide experiential learning opportunities
By Jean Strait and Tim Sauer
IT Metrics and Money:
One Approach to Public Accountability
The California State University system collects data to measure progress toward technology policy goals and reports regularly to the state legislature
By Stephen L. Daigle
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