EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 27, Number 4, 2004

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Volume 27   Number 4  2004
The Real Story Behind the Failure of U.K. eUniversity
The picture behind the public failure of UKeU is more complex, interesting, and salutary than many reports would suggest
By Richard Garrett
Beyond the Electronic Portfolio: A Lifetime Personal Web Space
Rather than limit people to the e-portfolio model, why not develop a model providing a personal Web space for everyone, for their lifetimes and beyond?
By Ellen R. Cohn and Bernard J. Hibbitts
Federated Security: The Shibboleth Approach
Shibboleth open-source software extends Web-based applications and identity management to provide secure access to Web-based resources
By R. L. "Bob" Morgan, Scott Cantor, Steven Carmody, Walter Hoehn, and Ken Klingenstein
Keeping the Horse Before the Cart: Penn State's E-Portfolio Initiative
Penn State's promotion of e-portfolios to undergraduates and faculty has generated positive attitudes and increased use
By Glenn Johnson and David DiBiase
Information Technology and the Curriculum: A Status Report
Evaluating the trends and existing models of integrating technology across the curriculum can inform planning on your campus
By Claudia A. Perry
Building Relationships Means Better IT Contracts
Good relationships, from on-campus groups to legal counsel and vendors, yield better terms in IT contract negotiations
By Joanne Kossuth and Donald Ballman
Web-Based Information and Prospective Students with Disabilities: A Study of Liberal Arts Colleges
A review of college Web sites shows that few adequately address accessibility issues
By Marilyn M. Irwin and Jennifer D. Gerke
On the Road of Experience: Seven Observations on Leadership
Successful leadership requires character as well as competence, and followers rather than subordinates
By David Dodd
Collaboratively Evaluating and Deploying Smart Technology in Classrooms
Involving end users in classroom technology design allows pedagogy to drive technology
By Bart Strong and David Kidney
Probing End-User IT Security Practices -- Through Homework
Student exploration of individual security practices yields instructive insights for campus IT environments
By Sean W. Smith
Creating Flexible E-Learning Through the Use of Learning Objects
The University System of Georgia deconstructs existing online courses to create separate files of reusable content
By Marie Lasseter and Michael Rogers
Web Special:
Sidebar of Figures Illustrating the University System of Georgia's Learning Objects Project
A Consortial Approach to Interlibrary Loan
Ontario universities rebuilt their interlibrary loan framework and service
By Carol Stephenson and Anne Fullerton
Evaluating Computer-Related Incidents on Campus
The CIFAC Project looks at current trends in how incidents are discussed, categorized, and managed
By Daniel Rothschild and Virginia Rezmierski
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