EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 38, Number 6, November/December 2003

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  • Does IT Matter to Higher Education?
    Jack McCredie
    If a solid, reliable information technology infrastructure is required simply to be in the game and to compete, IT certainly matters a great deal.
  • IT Doesn't Matter
    (This article is not available online.)
  • Why IT Has Not Paid Off As We Hoped (Yet)
    Edward L. Ayers and Charles M. Grisham
    Precisely because we live in a time when IT has become a commodity, we can get over some of the hyperbole that has been our enemy in the recent past.
  • Civil Privacy and National Security Legislation: A Three-Dimensional View
    Tracy Mitrano
    Higher education in general and IT professions in particular join with all of American society in an attempt to understand the divergent legislative imperatives of privacy and security.
  • Effective Change Management in Higher Education
    Geoff Scott
    Colleges and universities must get smarter at both the "what" of change (identifying change ideas that will make a difference for students) and the "how" of change (making sure these ideas work in practice).
  • Add Another Zero: An Interview with Larry Smarr
    "Clearly, the ability to get true broadband to hundreds of millions of homes and small businesses in the United States and throughout the world will be the next big driver of the economy."
  • Recommended Readings on the Top-Ten IT Issues
    EDUCAUSE offers a list of readings on each of the top-ten information technology issues identified the 2003 Current Issues Survey.