The CIO Minute: Research Computing for All Disciplines [video]

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The power of research computing is expanding into many more disciplines than it originally served.

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Curt Hillegas
Associate CIO for Research Computing
Princeton University

Curt: I think that biggest thing to think about with research computing is people tend to think about it as high performance computing. They think about chemistry, and astrophysics, and engineering. I think that model is breaking down. We see more and more people, certainly from the life sciences, as we get things like Cryo-EM, which is a new microscopy that can do atomic level resolution. As we look at other instruments that are coming in in the life sciences, computing's going to be huge. But then, as we look further ahead, social sciences are becoming some of our biggest users. They have large data sets they need to do a lot of analytics on. And the humanities have huge corpora of texts that they need to analyze, and they have images, and lots of things. I think that computing is going to continue growing across the academy.