The CIO Minute: Understanding Your Staff [video]

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Recognizing the motives and drives of your staff can provide great insight into running an efficient IT organization.

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Kirk Nugent
Director of Information Technology
Wallace State Community College

You have to understand the motive or motivation for which each one of your staff members comes to work. It's not a "one size fits all" type of scenario where you just say, "Well this is how you do it "and this is the recipe." I've found that a lot of my staff members have a desire to impact lives, to impact students. That's one of the reasons why they work in higher ed, which traditionally pays less for IT professionals than industry. So if you can find that common ground in terms of why are they here? Where do they wanna see themselves in five years? What impact and legacy did they wanna have on young lives? And if you find that then you can help to make that connection that it's not just about the technology or new tools that we wanna implement. It's also about connecting with the teacher, connecting with the over-arching mission of the institution.