The CIO Minute: Keeping Pace with Innovation [video]

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Many colleges and universities want to innovate. But are they ready to innovate?

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Miller: I think there's a lot that campuses need to do now to innovate or even be ready to innovate because if you have bad processes and data and so forth, it's very hard to innovate well on top of that so many campuses have to go back and do that foundational work that facilitates those kind of innovations. And I think that the innovations are coming more rapidly, I think we are seeing with digital transformation, interactive things, automation, artificial intelligence, that the innovations are happening more rapidly and we can't lag the way we have in the past where I think sometimes higher ed could sort of control the pace of change a bit more but I think things are moving too fast now and we don't want a giant gap between the technology experience on campus and the technology experience outside of campus. I think that would be, you know, a bad experience for students and it really would I think diminish the value of higher ed for them. I think especially now and we're seeing viable alternatives come up through things like badging, and microcredentials and so forth that do you want, you really have to give students something to make that college education worthwhile and that kind of relevance and alignment with what's happening in the private sector I think is more important than ever.