The CIO Minute: Innovating with the Pareto Principle [video]

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A true digital transformation requires making innovation a priority.

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Gelch: You know, in general, it's the 80–20 rule. 80% of IT has generally been spent on just making their systems hum and securing data and doing all those things that keep their systems running. 20% would be spent on just, what's innovative, what's going to change the business? And what we're trying to do now is flip that, and it's a real change for IT people because now you have IT people who don't necessarily connect with the business and you're trying to say, "how can we "make this strategic initiative, "how can we support this initiative?" These are people who provision access, who do have certain IT roles and you're asking them to be business people. Asking them to really dig in into your work of the day and how, what could you change that could be innovative? So things that I've done in the past is made, on Friday afternoon, spent three hours. We're all going to come together, we're going to sit around a table and we're just going to think about, "what could we change internally? "Who's got a great idea that we could change?" All of us around a table, that would change the student experience. Let's be innovative. And then you really have to change the culture of your own internal IT to really flip the thinking about not "I'm just going to click a button "because a person told me to," but what is it, how am I changing the experience in the business?