The CIO Minute: What an Inclusive Workplace Looks Like [video]

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Esmilda Abreu: An inclusive workplace, in my opinion, has a couple of different elements, right? The first thing is acknowledging that we have individuals. Full, whole, complete individuals. And that those people come together. They all have a way to contribute. That there's a way in which they're valued, and respected, seen, and also reflected in the environment.

Kirsten Richert: You're actually activating and leveraging the thinking, talent, experience, behaviors, understandings of the people who are sitting around the table. And that there actually is a table where folks are sitting around to solve problems, to make decisions, to push an institution from where it is today to where it needs to be in order to fulfill its mission. That's what an inclusive workplace looks like. A place that's truly using the talents, energies, and experiences of the folks who are there to accomplish the goals of the institution.