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Flexible Design in Collaborative Environments

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The look of the classroom continues to evolve. With the right collaboration furniture, you can create an environment that encourages discussion and group engagement.

The look of the classroom continues to evolve. So long are the days of straight rows of desks with the instructor lecturing for hours on end. Now, it's about creating an environment that encourages discussion and group engagement.

Furniture plays a very big part in creating that collaboration and engagement in the classroom. According to The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, the "classroom of the future" will emphasize group learning through student collaboration. And a key to fostering such learning, The Center says, is a classroom filled with "lightweight, moveable and reconfigurable furniture."

Instructor Focused

With the use of collaboration tables, students are no longer facing one direction. That is why it's important that the instructor has the ability to move around the classroom freely. Having a lightweight, mobile lectern becomes a necessity. Spectrum Industries recently introduced the Pivot Workstation which allows the instructor to move to each student group, making learning the center of the classroom.

photo of person standing at Pivot Workstation

The benefit of having a workstation like the Pivot, is that it has electric lift legs so it can be personalized for every instructor who uses it. The electric lift can be operated through a battery pack so you are not tethered to the wall, or through the traditional power cord. It also has a foot rest giving extra comfort for those on their feet all day. Casters provide for easy mobility, but can also lock in place for that longer discussion. Finally, there are a number of worksurface storage options, including under worksurface storage with or without a locking door and a pull-out keyboard tray. A modesty panel can also be added along with the ability to add a logo to the panel to bring in your college brand.

Student Focused

Small groups can do big things when given the ideal gathering space. Research has shown that physical space alone can improve student learning. Collaborative classrooms are extremely flexible and embrace technology with easy access and unrestricted lines of view to the wall displays and sharing equipment. Spectrum offers a variety of collaboration solutions that lets you optimize success and student engagement.

The Flex Active Table is the most flexible collaboration table Spectrum offers. With the locking casters, you can easily reconfigure your active learning environment to meet the needs of the class for that day. Tables are available in 48, 60 and 72 inches wide as well as 24 and 30 inches in depth. Plus, ADA accessible options allow you to engage any user in any environment.

photo of Flex Active Table room set

The Optio Collaboration Table allows easy access to AV sharing systems and also a clear view to the display mount at the end of the table. It includes models that offer a variety of worksurface sizes and features, including a whisper-quiet eLift feature where the tables can go from sitting to standing in seconds with an electrical lift. All the tables offer fully enclosed wiring that run the length of the table, allowing for easy access to power outlets and electronic technology. Video screens can be mounted on an optional display stand, and cutouts can be included on most models to allow for electronics to be mounted directly into the tabletop.

photo of Optio Collaboration Table room set

Spectrum tables feature inset legs that allow students to rotate their chairs without banging their knees. And all can be ordered with durable casters that allow them to easily be moved around the collaborative classroom. They also come with a dry erase writable worksurface, bringing collaboration and brainstorming to the next level.

Why Choose Spectrum?

Spectrum tables, chairs and lecterns set the standards for quality, ergonomics, and reliability — and then exceed them. From design to delivery, Spectrum is constantly innovating. We take our customers' needs seriously, giving you options for accessories and colors, and incorporating your feedback into new and improved products. No one stays abreast of the rapidly-changing demands of new technology like Spectrum. And we do it all without sacrificing durability, style, and functionality.

All Spectrum products are proudly designed and assembled in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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Ben Jones, Vice President – Sales, Spectrum