Cloud Migration Provides the Spark for Institutional Transformation

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Adopting cloud-based systems is an imperative for higher education institutions seeking to remain competitive on every level. Today's applications have the capacity to transform your institution, improving the student and faculty experience while delivering critical operational efficiencies for staff. It's essential that leaders have access to insights that can affect the success of an initiative of this scale.

Huron partnered with Ovum to develop a point of view, Cloud Migration Provides the Spark for Institutional Transformation. This POV outlines the nuanced approach of implementing cloud-based solutions within higher education, uncovers benefits that are often overlooked along with noting obstacles encountered during multi-phase, multi-year deployments.

The paper also discusses how best to select your strategic implementation partner and that your partner need to have the following qualities and experience:

  • Deep understanding of cloud applications and solid deployment experience
  • Proven expertise in higher education and commitment to enhancing its future
  • Active change leadership, including knowledge of IT best practices and change management processes
  • Hands-on work with today's enterprise solutions, including ERP and CRM

We are excited to share this perspective and know you will find the content and data useful and compelling.

Download the point of view here.

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Nicole Engelbert, Ovum