February 2020 Policy Update (videos)

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The EDUCAUSE Policy Team has developed two brief videos to provide members with updates on a number of topics, including the current federal policy climate, proposed changes to the Safeguards Rule, and the status of the AIM HIGH Act.

While there is no lack of political coverage right now, getting a quick take on issues relevant to information technology in higher education isn't quite as easy to come by. The EDUCAUSE Policy Team has developed a couple of brief videos (approximately three minutes each) to give members updates on several topics and initiatives:

  • The current federal policy climate and continuing discussions that EDUCAUSE is having with the US Department of Education on information security compliance (IT Policy Update, Part 1).
  • The changes that have been proposed by the Federal Trade Commission on the Safeguards Rule, as well as the status of the EDUCAUSE-supported accessible instructional materials bill, net neutrality, and potential federal privacy legislation (IT Policy Update, Part 2).

Each video has a companion slide deck (four slides each) that can be used as a reference while watching or as a resource when discussing these issues with others.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on these Policy Team videos. Thank you for the feedback you shared regarding our Safeguards Rule video overview. Please let me know what else you recommend when you get the chance ([email protected]). In the meantime, we hope you find the February video update helpful as you think about federal policy that may impact the EDUCAUSE community.

For more information about policy issues impacting higher education IT, please visit the EDUCAUSE Review Policy Spotlight blog as well as the EDUCAUSE Policy page.

Jarret Cummings is Senior Advisor for Policy and Government Relations at EDUCAUSE.

© 2020 Jarret Cummings. The text of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License.