Interesting Policy Reads: Early-Alert Systems, Proposed Data Breach Legislation, and Phishing

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This post includes articles on a film that argues for open-access resources, Google's fight against the EU's "right to be forgotten" policy, the ongoing fight over California's proposed net neutrality law, and university early-alert systems.

With our "Interesting Policy Reads" blog posts, the EDUCAUSE Policy Office highlights recent articles on federal policy issues and developments that are directly relevant to members or provide insights on higher education policy in general.

  • Open Access at the Movies, Inside Higher Ed, September 10, 2018. (A new film examining the for-profit publishing industry will be screened at over 150 universities in the coming months.)
  • ISPs Engage in Last Gasp Bid to Derail California's Net Neutrality Law, Motherboard, September 7, 2018. (ISPs in California are calling on employees to contact Governor Brown to urge his veto of legislation enacting net neutrality rules, arguing that the bill would "disrupt the incredibly successful Internet system that fuels business, innovation, and economic growth in California.")
  • Google Case Asks: Can Europe Export Privacy Rules World-Wide? The Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2018. (Google is involved in a high-stakes legal dispute with the EU's Court of Justice over whether the EU's "right to be forgotten" should be extended to all of its search engines across the world.)
  • Early-Alert Systems Seen as Mixed Bag, Inside Higher Ed, September 11, 2018. (Instead of purchasing an early-alert system to catch struggling students, Lycoming College's IT department has designed its own solution.)
  • A debate unfolds over narrow breach-notice bill's impact on broader efforts, Inside Cybersecurity, September 10, 2018. (A new financial services sector-specific data security bill may move forward to a markup, despite ongoing conversations around a comprehensive data security bill that would span industries.)
  • Phishing Is the Internet's Most Successful Con, The Atlantic, September 12, 2018. (A technology and security professional discusses the complexities around phishing and effective ways to counter the practice.)
  • No Streaming During Class, Inside Higher Ed, September 14, 2018. (In an effort to "free up bandwidth," Purdue University has initiated a pilot program wherein access to popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu are restricted in four lecture halls.)
  • EU Advances on Copyright Bill Opposed By Silicon Valley, The Wall Street Journal, September 12, 2018. (The European Parliament adopted a contentious copyright bill that is widely opposed by major tech companies.)

Kathryn Branson is an associate with Ulman Public Policy.

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