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In our annual survey, we asked EDUCAUSE members how we can improve the value that EDUCAUSE offers to our community of institutions, corporations, and nonprofits. You answered.

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Recently, we conducted our annual survey to ask members how we can improve the value we offer to our community of institutions, corporations, and nonprofits. (We hope you took the time to submit your thoughts, and if you did, thank you!)

We have carefully reviewed what members told us and have identified the themes that emerged. Below is what we're doing in response to your ideas, desires, and concerns.

What You Like about EDUCAUSE

Most of you feel that the value you receive from your membership is higher than the cost of your dues. We're thrilled to hear that, as well as these other positive remarks:

  • Overall member satisfaction has increased to 84 percent. (That's great, but we know we can still do better.)
  • You see EDUCAUSE as your trusted source for information and news, as an advocate for the field, and as a place to connect and network with professionals.
  • You view EDUCAUSE as an organization that anticipates challenges in the field and as a valued provider of professional development.

We are also grateful to see that so many of you are accessing more of our resources, such as ECAR research and ELI teaching and learning resources, both of which were part of our expanded membership offering last year. This is all part of our plan to help you get the most out of your EDUCAUSE membership.

Where You Want EDUCAUSE to Grow

The areas where you'd like to see us grow are also ones that closely align with our strategic priorities. This is good news, since we already have much of this in the works:

  • Increase online training opportunities for those who find it difficult to attend in-person events. (These will include live "Encore" presentations of selected content from some of our most popular face-to-face events, topical focus sessions, and corporate learning webinars.)
  • Expand emerging edtech content with our recent acquisition of NMC's Horizon Report. (Get a sneak peek of what's coming via the NMC Horizon Report Preview: 2018 Higher Education Edition.)
  • Enhance the Core Data Service by improving the user interface and reporting tools, making it easier to benchmark your performance and services against that of peers.
  • Upgrade the EDUCAUSE website to include a redesigned home page and enhanced online wayfinding and speed.

We're also carefully studying your comments about focusing our offerings more clearly on non-CIO roles.

As always, I invite your feedback at any time as we work together to strengthen higher education.

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