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With the purchase of NMC assets, EDUCAUSE intends to connect and consult with community leaders to determine the next steps forward.

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Like so many of you, we were deeply saddened to learn of the dissolution of the New Media Consortium (NMC) in December. I shared at the time our intention to complete the Horizon Report: 2018 Higher Education Edition. The following month, we made the decision to offer to purchase NMC assets. I'm pleased to share the update that the court has accepted our offer, agreeing that it is in the best interests of the organization and the NMC community.

As many of you know firsthand, the NMC gave voice to a remarkable community of educators and innovators and grew thoughtfully over the past two decades, identifying some of the toughest challenges in teaching and learning and offering important insights on the future of education technology. We have appreciated the opportunities we have had over the years to support the work of the NMC and to partner with them.

We took the step to purchase the assets out of our shared interest in this work and our respect for the NMC. With the bankruptcy proceedings behind us, we know that the community will be interested in our plans for the future. We intend to connect and consult with community leaders as we determine the next steps forward — and to do so with the care and thoughtfulness that this community has come to expect.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, concerns, or questions.

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