IT Governance and Where to Start

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IT governance in higher education has been a topic of discussion on the CIO list this week. The author of the original post asked several key questions, which included:

  • How do other institutions prioritize IT projects with demands from different departments?
  • Do schools have a committee that oversees major projects that align with institutional goals? 
  • Does the CIO have the full governance of all departmental projects? 
  • How are conflicting demands that arise throughout the year handled?

Members of the community pitched in and gave various answers as to how their schools structure IT governance. Several schools have provided a detailed description of their campus IT governance process. A few of these websites are listed below:

Smaller Schools

The EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference was a banner year for IT governance sessions and seminars, many of which have a recording, template, or other resources uploaded to the abstract. These conference resources are enormously useful to anyone interested in exploring this topic:

And of course, there's the EDUCAUSE Library, which has many more resources than I can list here. Start by exploring the IT Governance topic page, especially the June 2014 ECAR research study IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Higher Education and the EDUCAUSE IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program.