Wednesday's Hawkins Leadership Roundtable Agenda

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Tomorrow’s Hawkins Leadership Roundtable activities will continue to connect participants with council members in ways that focus on developing participants’ leadership capabilities and elevating the work of their organizations.
The links for Tuesday’s slide presentation can be found here:
Wednesday’s lunch will begin at 11:30 am in room W209 A/B in the Orlando conference center. During this session the council will focus on the topic of “conversations with presidents or senior executives.” During this session, each council member will play the role of an institutional president and role-play with participants using questions commonly asked of CIOs by senior executives. The goal of this exercise is to discuss ways participants can better engage their institutions senior executives regarding IT issues.
During the evening the council will enjoy a reception starting at 6pm in the Orchid Room at the Hyatt Regency hotel. During the reception the council will enjoy remarks by EDUCAUSE president and CEO Diana Oblinger. Wednesday’s reception is designed to allow council participants and members to continue their conversations on critical issues faced by IT leaders.
Council participants and members are encouraged to continue with their one-on-one mentoring activities, ensuring that the mentoring experience begins at the EDUCAUSE conference and doesn’t stop once the conference ends.
About the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable: The Hawkins Leadership Roundtable is a leadership development program for new CIOs and individuals actively seeking a CIO role. The roundtable provides a 10-hour networking and mentoring experience integrated over three days of the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. The program includes lunch sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, an evening reception on Wednesday, and a hosted breakfast on Thursday with general session speaker Nancy Zimpher, as well as activities and information sharing before and after the conference week. For more information visit on the Web.