Updates to the Core TechQual+ Survey for 2015

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The Higher Education TechQual+ Project is a research project that develops tools to help IT leaders create a culture of continuous improvement for their organizations. More information on the TechQual+ project can be found at http://www.techqual.org on the Web.
The project provides the following: a common survey instrument that defines effective IT technology services from the perspective of those outside the IT organization; a set of easy-to-use Web-based tools that allow IT leaders to create surveys and analyze data collected from students, faculty, and staff; and a peer database that allows for comparisons of IT service quality against the performance of other institutions. These tools are available free of charge to participating institutions. 
Each year provides the opportunity to assess the quality of the current core TechQual+ survey and make improvements. This activity occurs each fall and any changes to the core survey become effective with the new calendar year. Feedback from TechQual+ participating institutions drives this process. 
The proposed core TechQual+ survey for 2015 contains substantial revisions from the previous survey. A draft of the proposed 2015 survey is available at [http://bit.ly/1Am73pa] for review and comment by project participants and interested others.
For this year’s revisions, efforts have focused on the need to reduce the complexity of the survey. This includes revisions directed at making the survey easier to understand while improving the applicability of the survey to diverse audiences. At the same time, these changes are in keeping with the core commitments of connectivity, collaboration, and a positive end user experience articulated through past surveys. Through a series of focus groups these three core commitments have been identified as critical for students, faculty, and staff throughout higher education.
Project participants and interested others may provide feedback on the proposed survey through Friday, January 9, 2015. To provide feedback, please download the draft survey from the link above and make edits or comments directly within the Microsoft Word document. Please return the edited document to [email protected] by e-mail. Please use the same email address for any other questions or comments. The finalized survey instrument will be available for use by all project participants on Monday, January 12, 2015.