All Together Now!

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Collaboration. Convergence. Community. Each is important not only to higher education information technology as a profession but also to EDUCAUSE as an organization.

We have spent the past year collaborating on how best to converge various EDUCAUSE publications (EDUCAUSE Review, EQ, EDUCAUSE Now) into a format that will allow us to both experiment with innovative digital tools and release timely materials on a more frequent basis. The result is the newly launched EDUCAUSE Review Online.

EDUCAUSE Review Online features articles written by leaders in higher education and the IT field on current technology developments and trends and what they mean for higher education institutions and society (editor: D. Teddy Diggs); peer-reviewed articles, case studies, practical advice, and colleague opinions on hot topics (editor: Nancy Hays); multimedia pieces, including audio and video interviews with the newsmakers in the field (editor: Gerry Bayne); plus special topics pages (curator: Colleen Keller), infographics, blogs, and interactive features. All are offered in a one-stop online resource that is also available through any mobile or tablet device.

If you still like the feel of paper and the artistry of illustrations, please note we will continue to publish the award-winning print version of EDUCAUSE Review. But you will find much more information on its topics, additional articles on other topics, and multimedia materials by visiting EDUCAUSE Review Online, where you can also interact with your colleagues and the community.

In this blog, we will give you the backstory as we continue experimenting with EDUCAUSE Review Online. Our first admission is that this has been a more-complicated-than-expected process: collaboration and convergence are not easy, as anyone reading this undoubtedly knows firsthand. Second, we want your help. We need your ideas on what we’re doing right, on what we’re doing wrong, on what we should be doing that we’re not doing. And we need your opinions on which topics interest you the most. Without your input, we can’t bring you the most thoughtful, practical, and engaging materials.

Collaboration + Convergence = Community. We expect that EDUCAUSE Review Online will provide greater opportunities for us to collaborate with you and for you to collaborate with each other.

The Editors
Catherine Yang
Colleen Keller
Nancy Hays
D. Teddy Diggs
Gerry Bayne