EDUCAUSE Top-Ten IT Issues Lists by Carnegie Classification

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In 2012 and 2013, EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel members both identified and prioritized the top-ten lists. For 2014, the EDUCAUSE membership was added to the process. Panel members identified an initial set of 18 priority issues, and EDUCAUSE members were invited to select their top ten in an October–November 2013 survey. The final selection and ranking, included in the EDUCAUSE Top-10 IT Issues Lists, is based on their prioritization. This addition to the methodology has enabled us to better validate the issue prioritization and to examine variations among institutional types and roles.

What is perhaps most striking about the 2014 EDUCAUSE Top-10 IT Issues is how widespread they are, despite the great variability in educational systems and IT organizations. The top-five issues made everyone’s list, regardless of institutional type, the survey respondent’s role, whether the IT organization was centralized or distributed, or the IT organization’s approach to innovation. Nonetheless, some differences remain between categories of institutions. The following tables show the top IT issues for all U.S. respondents and by Carnegie Classification and institutional technology approach.

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