EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 47, Number 1, January/February 2012

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Why IT Matters to Higher Education


Michael A. McRobbie
A university president who was also his institution's vice president for information technology and CIO for ten years answers the questions: "What do you now think about technology? From your point of view as a president, what are the major issues in information technology today? What has changed in your thinking?"
Bruce Maas, Brian Paige, Michael Ridley, Theresa Rowe, Bo Wandschneider, and Melissa Woo
Six CIOs and senior technology leaders talk about their backgrounds, the strengths and skills needed for future CIOs, and the challenges of preparing the next generation of CIOs. They list the most critical competencies for current and future CIOs, and they debate whether these competencies are changing.
Keith W. McIntosh
The winner of the inaugural EDUCAUSE Rising Star Award talks about becoming a leader and developing future leaders in the IT professional community. He outlines three steps that aspiring leaders can take to cultivate their leadership skills and three steps that residing leaders can take to leave a lasting legacy.


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