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Mobile Computing

EDUCAUSE Live! Spotlight on Mobile Computing Web Seminar Recordings

  • Evaluating a Campus-Wide Mobile Learning Initiative: Lessons Learned from ACU's First Three Years
    Scott Perkins, Director of Research, Abilene Christian University, and George Saltsman, Executive Director, Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, Abilene Christian University
    Perkins and Saltsman describe Abilene Christian University's innovative uses of mobile technologies and provide an overview of findings from research targeting faculty perspectives, classroom application evaluations, and student engagement.
  • Stories of Mobile Learning
    Christopher Higgins, Acting Director, Academic Support, University of Maryland
    The University of Maryland is in its third year of a mobility initiative that encompasses everything from student recruitment to app development to class projects. Higgins discusses the experiences of faculty and students when using mobile devices, with special focus on two programs that incorporate the iPad and iPod Touch with other technologies to engage students in learning.

The 2011 Horizon Report
New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)
This annual survey of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and creative expression once again cites "mobiles," as well as electronic books, augmented reality, game-based learning, gesture-based computing, and learning analytics.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Resource Page
This recently reorganized page includes nearly 250 resources grouped by topic and stages of adoption into three categories: Cloud Computing 101, Decision-Making, and Implementation.

EDUCAUSE Live! Spotlight on Cloud Computing Series Summary Briefs
The Spotlight on Cloud Computing series focused on many important topics, including cloud use cases, cloud staffing and development, community clouds, and contracting. EDUCAUSE has synthesized each web seminar recording, along with its chat transcript and seminar slides, into a PDF "summary brief."

A Vision for Cloud- and Earth-Based Services at UC Davis
Pete Siegel, CIO and Vice Provost, and Gabe Youtsey, IT Project Manager, University of California, Davis
UC Davis has deployed a number of cloud services, but the cloud isn't always the right answer, and understanding the challenges is half the fun. A coherent "cloud and earth" strategy is now starting to develop, which brings together a variety of service models.

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