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The Role of the CIO

EDUCAUSE 2010 Session Podcasts

  • The Role, Rise, and Potential Demise of the CIO 
    Mark Askren, Lev S. Gonick, Kenneth C. Green, Darrel Huish, and Sally Jackson

Campus IT leaders confront rising expectations for IT resources and services, budget cuts, and the reorganization of IT units. The four CIOs in this panel discuss these issues and more, including the "CIO leadership crisis," personal and professional challenges and opportunities, and the mea culpa moments—what they have learned both from their own bad decisions and from those of other IT leaders.

  • CIOs in Wonderland: Transformational Leadership for Interesting Times
    Hillary J. Baker, A. Michael Berman, John Charles, and Amir Dabirian

Facing unprecedented financial challenges, IT leaders at campuses of the California State University collaborated to identify and implement transformational initiatives that could save several million dollars. Effective CIO leadership is required to rethink the locus of IT services in the cloud-enabled world and to drive strategic and cultural change.

Cloud Computing

EDUCAUSE Live! Spotlight on Cloud Computing Web Seminar Recording

If It's in the Cloud, Get It on Paper: Cloud Computing Contract Issues
Tom Trappler, Director, UCLA Software Licensing

For institutions that have done due diligence and determined that the benefits of cloud computing outweigh the risks, this seminar can be a resource to help mitigate those risks through the contract terms with a cloud services provider.

EDUCAUSE 2010 Session Podcast

Deploying an Internal Cloud: Offering Infrastructure as a Service to the Campus Community
Dennis J. Cromwell

The use of commercial cloud services is compelling, but an especially promising solution for higher education is the "internal cloud." Cromwell reports on successes, challenges, and lessons learned through Indiana University's deployment of intelligent infrastructure, including the technical and political challenges to achieving IT efficiency via the internal cloud.

Mobile Computing

EDUCAUSE 2010 Session Podcasts

  • Creating Tools for the Mobile Campus
    David Woodbury

The North Carolina State University Libraries Mobile site offers a model for providing engaging, targeted services to students' mobile devices. In this session, Woodbury offers suggestions for planning, developing, and implementing a mobile strategy, including applications and web-based services.

  • Mobile Computing: Safe or Sorry?
    Mark Bruhn and John Suess

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices of all kinds on campus to access all applications—and with the expectation that security will be handled by IT departments—what are the issues that IT professionals face? Should the IT department embrace these devices with open arms, or should it rein in the use of mobile devices that could be a security risk? In this session, the pros and cons are debated.

EDUCAUSE Now Podcast

EDUCAUSE Now, Episode #34, December 9, 2010:
CIOs Staying Nimble; Policy and Law for Higher Ed IT

EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 46, no. 1 (January/February 2011)