EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 46, Number 1, January/February 2011

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Why IT Matters to Higher Education

Broad View for the Future Wordle

A Broad View for the Future
David J. Staley and Dennis A. Trinkle
Focusing strictly on technology trends can obscure other environmental factors that are drivers for innovation in higher education. The authors identify ten fissures in the landscape that are creating areas of potentially tectonic change.
Jolene Koester
A president offers her confessions and also advice on leading information technology and on how IT professionals can (and should) be at the core of envisioning and shaping the future of colleges and universities.
Patrick Masson
Can understanding the principles and practices that govern open-source initiatives, and the communities of practice that manage them, provide a potential reference model for the planning and decision-making processes within higher education institutions?


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Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell
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Sarah "Intellagirl" Smith-Robbins
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