EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 45, Number 4, July/August 2010

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David Wiley
As institutions and as individuals, we seem to have forgotten the core values of education: sharing, giving, and generosity.
Vicki Davis
Open content is not yet changing students' lives because there are questions that should be answered first.
Dave Cormier and George Siemens
Online open courses can leverage communications technologies and open the door to learners to fully engage with the academic process.
Maria H. Andersen
Open digital faculty do more than just share and participate in open resources; they transfer their approaches to the teaching space.
Brian Lamb and Jim Groom
Has the wave of the open web crested? What does "open educational technology" look like, and does it stand for anything?
Carolina Rossini
The right to be a creator, the right to govern and develop one's own knowledge, and the right to share with others are fundamental freedoms for the Internet age.


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Elson S. Floyd and Viji Murali
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Rick Anderson
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Sue Kriegsman
New Horizons [The Technologies Ahead]
Lou Rera
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John Windhausen, Jr.
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Paul N. Courant and John Wilkin
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