EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 45, Number 3, May/June 2010

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Stewards for Higher Education: Looking at Clouds & the Top-Ten IT Issues


Rob Bristow, Ted Dodds, Richard Northam, and Leo Plugge
Examples from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom illustrate both the opportunities and the risks involved in adopting cloud computing and cloud services.
Richard N. Katz, Elazar C. Harel, Anne K. Keehn, Michael King, Joanne Kossuth, Darren Wesemann, and Brad Wheeler
Higher education and corporate leaders offer their perspectives on the promise and peril that may lie ahead for cloud computing and above-campus services.
Bret L. Ingerman, Catherine Yang, and the 2010 EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
EDUCAUSE presents the top-ten IT-related issues in terms of strategic importance to the institution, as revealed by the eleventh annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey.


CloudHomepage [From the President]
Diana G. Oblinger
Leadership [Views from the Top]
Michael A. McRobbie and Brad Wheeler
CloudE-Content [All Things Digital]
Sarah Stein and Henry Schaffer
CloudPodcastIT [Audio & Video Interviews]
Melissa Woo and Michael Dieckmann
CloudNew Horizons [The Technologies Ahead]
Elizabeth M. Hodge and Sharon Collins
CloudPolicy Matters [Campus Environment & Political Context]
John Leslie King
Viewpoints [Today’s Hot Topics]
Ron Kraemer
www [Worth a Look or Listen @]
Additional publications, presentations, podcasts, and blogs on cloud computing can be found at the overview topic page in the EDUCAUSE Resource Center: