EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 44, Number 4, July/August 2009

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Beyond the Economic Downturn


Philip J. Goldstein
The author draws an early roadmap to help IT leaders navigate beyond the economic downturn and to understand how a new economic reality might take shape in higher education institutions and in higher education IT organizations.
Bruce Maas, Fredrick Miller, Pattie Orr, Julie Ouska, and Shelton M. Waggener
To explore current and future implications of the economic downturn, EDUCAUSE Review assembled a panel of senior IT leaders to answer questions regarding their IT budgets, possible structural changes and cost models, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
Laurie G. Antolovic, Albert G. Horvath, and Margaret F. Plympton
In a discussion of costs and revenues and information technology, three higher education financial officers provide a budgetary perspective on the topics of technology adoption, investments in technology, and management of the IT budget in the current fiscal climate.
Anne Scrivener Agee, Catherine Yang, and the 2009 EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee
EDUCAUSE presents the top-ten IT-related issues in terms of strategic importance to the institution, as revealed by the tenth annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey. Not surprisingly, IT Funding is back as #1 on the list.


Kent John Chabotar
Michael L. Nelson
James Hilton
New Horizons
Malcolm Brown
Bernard Golden
Jaroslav Šušol
Richard N. Katz