EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 44, Number 6, November/December 2009

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IT and the Greener Future


Bill St. Arnaud, Larry Smarr, Jerry Sheehan, and Tom DeFanti
Institutional leaders need to reduce the campus carbon footprint by decreasing the emissions of their existing cyberinfrastructure while they simultaneously increase their use of cyberinfrastructure in areas such as intelligent infrastructure and dematerialization.
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For more on the science behind the current energy and climate change imperative and on the impact for colleges and universities from potential regulation, see:
Climate Change and Higher Education
Bill St. Arnaud, Larry Smarr, Jerry Sheehan, and Tom DeFanti
Karla Hignite
With the numerous possibilities for shrinking IT’s carbon load, colleges and universities must consider the exponential impact that technology can and already does have—positively or negatively—on campus sustainability success.
Brad Wheeler and Shelton Waggener
For some IT services, a sufficient level of aggregation for efficiency cannot be achieved within one campus but, rather, must be achieved at a higher level, beyond a single institution. Three sourcing models for aggregating these above-campus IT services are particularly suited to higher education.
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For more on the types of offers—Iaas, Paas, and SaaS—that above-campus sourcing models use to provision their aggregated IT services, see:
Provisioning Above-Campus IT Services: Supply and Demand
Brad Wheeler and Shelton Waggener
Sharon Collins and the 2009 EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee
Focusing on “evolving services,” the 2009 EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee looked at five technology trends of importance to higher education.
Lisa Trubitt and Jeff Overholtzer
Good communication is essential as IT organizations transform themselves from managers of well-defined commodity services to facilitators of complex solutions that require a deep understanding of clients’ needs and, frequently, integration of campus and third-party resources and tools.
EDUCAUSE offers a list of recent resources for each of the top-ten IT issues identified by the 2009 Current Issues Survey.


Diana G. Oblinger and John Walda
Noha Adly
Robin L. Anderson and Fran White
New Horizons
Holly Willis
James L. Elder
Wayne Brown and Polley McClure
Diana G. Oblinger


For practical advice on initiating green IT projects on campus to achieve environmental and budget goals, see the no. 3, 2009, issue of EQ (