EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 31, Number 1, 2008

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Doing What I Don’t Know How to Do
Leveraging a faculty learning community has helped me do things I didn’t know how to do with technology, including podcasting my lectures
By R. Martin Reardon

An Antidote for the Faculty-IT Divide
Good relations between IT and faculty can be promoted by understanding and addressing the cultural divides that exist between the administration and faculty
By Luke Fernandez

A Few Thoughts on the Google Books Library Project
Only by transforming knowledge contained in print to new and easily accessible digital formats can we guarantee its survival
By Charles Edward Smith

E-Texts in the Classroom
E-text readers designed for use in higher education will reduce textbook pricing and address environmental concerns
By Charles Hannon


Rethinking Academic Technology Leadership in an Era of Change
The senior academic technology officer provides leadership across instructional technology initiatives, yet few campuses have a SATO position in place
By Michael J. Albright and John Nworie

Critical Factors in Selecting a Course Management System for Higher Education in Ghana
Close consideration of key issues involved in choosing a CMS helps universities avoid the typical barriers to successful implementation and adoption
By Isaiah T. Awidi

Implementing Electronic Portfolios: Benefits, Challenges, and Suggestions
This research describes the lessons learned during initial implementation of e-folios at four teacher education programs
By Barbara Meyer and Nancy Latham

E-Mail in Academia: Expectations, Use, and Instructional Impact
An exploration of e-mail communication between faculty and students at UNC Chapel Hill identified issues surrounding the use of e-mail to advance instructional outcomes
By Meredith Weiss and Dana Hanson-Baldauf


Leadership Transitions: Keys for Success
A successful leadership transition requires support for new leaders and their followers, along with a focus on trustworthy communication and clear decision-making processes
By Marilu Goodyear and Cynthia Golden


Using E-Maps to Organize and Navigate Online Content
Computer-generated mind maps, or e-maps, serve as a graphical interface for presenting, organizing, and navigating web-based course content and files
By Michael F. Ruffini

Tackling the Problem of Repurposing Web Content
An XML-based content management system helps Utah Valley State College manage the growing challenge of website maintenance
By Nathan Gerber and Lance Merker

Operational Lessons from a Strategic Sourcing Project
Tulane University found partnering for help desk support both necessary and satisfactory, with the added benefit of operational lessons learned through the process
By Adam Krob


Key Findings for the Fiscal Year 2006 Core Data Service
With data from 960 participating institutions, the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service helps campus planners make informed decisions
By Brian L. Hawkins and Julia A. Rudy



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