Letter from the President

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EDUCAUSE Quarterly, vol. 31, no. 4 (October–December 2008)
From the President
Letter from EDUCAUSE President Diana G. Oblinger

This year we've been asking how EDUCAUSE can become even better, serving your needs and interests in the years ahead. You have told us we should be a more agile, responsive organization that uses technology to better serve the community.

Online publishing may be one such opportunity. Users have become accustomed to the timeliness, flexibility, and ease of access online content offers. EDUCAUSE Quarterly is adapting and will become a fully online magazine.

The EQ editorial philosophy continues to emphasize the practical application of technology in colleges and universities. The online format makes it possible to capitalize on multimedia and community-building applications that enhance the magazine's value to you. Beyond the content, you can experience and interact with information and each other in more engaging ways, all while adopting a more environmentally sustainable approach.

As EQ transitions to a fully online format, we will align the magazine's content with EDUCAUSE's strategic directions. You will see us emphasize the four focus areas you recommended:

  • Teaching and Learning: Using information technology to improve access to teaching and learning, learning effectiveness, student success, and learning outcomes
  • Managing the Enterprise: Helping EDUCAUSE members ensure that their institutions are managed efficiently and effectively and that information technology supports institutional priorities
  • E-Research and E-Scholarship: Developing techniques for using information technology to speed research, discovery, and innovation, as well as to enable collaborative intelligence and virtual organizations
  • Evolving Role of IT and Leadership: Exploring and monitoring changes in information technology and their relation to corresponding shifts in the expectations and responsibilities of IT professionals and leaders in higher education

EQ has long provided a forum for "uncommon thinking for the common good." Your contributions allow good ideas to emerge and take root across member institutions, enhancing higher education IT. Along with the new format, we are aligning the issues raised in EDUCAUSE Review with the practical solutions suggested. Those ideas are augmented through other formats, such as the EDUCAUSE Now podcasts, our blogs, and conference material.

We hope you find the online EQ serves your needs for timely, practical information on the applied uses of IT—better than ever. And as always, we look forward to your input. Let us know if there are other ways in which we can improve the online EQ to enhance its value to IT professionals, providing you with the knowledge and information you need to succeed.

Diana G. Oblinger
President and CEO