EDUCAUSE Quarterly Magazine, Volume 30, Number 1, 2007

Volume 30   Number 1  2007
The Corporate CIO Model and the Higher Education CIO
Most research on the CIO position has focused on the corporate model, but does that model adequately address the needs of the higher education CIO?
By Jeffrey P. Lineman
How Choice, Co-Creation, and Culture Are Changing What It Means to Be Net Savvy
Technology and the way information is created, used, and disseminated have changed, as has the definition of "net savvy"
By George Lorenzo, Diana Oblinger, and Charles Dziuban
The Clipper Project: Discovering What Online Courses Offer Residential Universities
Helping faculty employ technology in online courses ultimately prompted changes in their pedagogy
By M. J. Bishop and Sally A. White
Making Research Cyberinfrastructure a Strategic Choice
Growing demands for research computing capabilities call for partnerships to build a centralized research cyberinfrastructure
By Thomas J. Hacker and Bradley C. Wheeler
Instant Messaging in On-Site and Online Classes in Higher Education
A study of student IM usage reveals many advantages and some obstacles to using IM as a classroom communication tool
By Wooseob Jeong
The Challenges Associated with Laboratory-Based Distance Education
Computer competence influenced the performance differences between on-campus and distance students taking a lab-based course
By Stephen J. Elliott and Eric P. Kukula
The Executive Director: An Opportunity Worth Considering
Usually second to the CIO, the executive director brings high-level leadership and management to the organization, the campus, and the community
By Carrie E. Regenstein
An Integrated Digital Campus Delivers ROI and VOI
Integrating our digital campus brought together services, processes, and the campus community while delivering substantial returns and value on our investment
By Jan Forsstrom and Gary Ham
Building a Process-Savvy Organization
Measuring and improving your organization's capacity to design, implement, and manage effective IT processes amplifies your staff's talents
By Tom Jordan
Think Small! A Beginner's Guide to Using Technology to Promote Learning
Incremental steps toward integrating technology in teaching can pay big dividends
By Beverly R. King
How Students Develop Online Learning Skills
Successful online students share their secrets for getting the most from online classes, focusing on time management, active participation, and practice
By Alan R. Roper
Faculty Adoption of Educational Technology
Educational technology support plays a critical role in helping faculty add technology to their teaching
By Franziska Zellweger Moser
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